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Every Tuesday is Guest Night
Journey Church at 7:30pm
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Journey Church is conveniently located approximately 1 mile west of I-5 in Federal Way, WA.
701 S. 320th Street
Federal Way, WA 98003

Welcome to the Harmony Kings website!


For over 55 years the Federal Way Harmony Kings have been performing tight four-part harmony throughout the South Puget Sound (WA) area. From civic events to birthdays, from sporting events to singing valentines, you can always count on the Harmony Kings to provide a quality and fun musical experience.

To attend a performance, check out our Event Calendar page. And if you’d like to book the chorus for a performance, click on Request a Performance.

The Harmony Kings perform at many events throughout the year, as well as sing in several barbershop competitions. We are a non-profit organization that contributes to the community through our international society, the  Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS), and our local organization, the Evergreen District.

Watch our chorus perform Armed Forces Medley from the 2017 Show…

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David Foss 2017 Barbershopper of the Year


David Foss named the 2017 Harmony Kings Barbershopper of the Year!

We are proud to recognize David for his hard work and dedication behind the scenes. For the last 7 years, David has worked in multiple activities to insure the quality of Harmony Kings annual shows. David has written the last three shows, and is working on his fourth show for 2018.

His first show was “Love Letters” in 2015, as the chorus explored the ins and outs of relationships, mistakes, and misunderstandings. In 2016 he had the chorus “Reminiscing” about a retired Barbershopper and is Grandson, and in 2017 we celebrated “America” complete with a tribute to our Armed Services and patriotic music. David is busy working on “The Weather Girl” for May 2018.

This year, when David saw a need for a music librarian, he jumped in with both feet and supervised the library, including our recent move to Journey Church. Again, when a need arose, David volunteered to co-chair the 2018 Show team, planning our first performance at the Federal Way Performing Arts and Events Center.

To help fill out his time with Harmony Kings, David serves as the Baritone section leader. He also is a founding member of Harmony Knights Quartet. Harmony Knights is Harmony Kings’ most active quartet, having represented us at District Convention multiple times. For fun David also sings with Bellevue’s Northwest Sound as a dual member.

The Harmony Kings have been awarding a Barbershopper of the Year Award for over 55 years! What a wonderful way to say thank you to our hard-working members.

Congratulation to David Foss.

Harmony Kings Chorus members at Harmony College NW Coaching 2017
​during our great session with  coach Shawn Mondragon.
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